MANHUNT - new gaming mode on R6


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Its not a new download - its a fan made game mood , so you need reliable people to play so they dont cheat.
Hopefully have a good go at this tonight if theres a few of us online? As it sound like a good laugh

details taken off Ubisofts forums.......
Alright...first of all...let me warn you start playing the MANHUNT MODE every other way to play Rainbow Six 3 is going to pale in comparison...just read the reactions from the players in the following threads (Keep em' coming guys...the stories are awesome *L*) are the rules and settings to have a great game of MANHUNT

The perfect amount of players (discovered as of today) is 9..and this is for a very important reason...any other amount above it will regulate the Hunters and the Survivors into equal teams...and it just doesn't work can play in any map with 9
So with 9 players you should be able to have 6 Survivors and 3 Hunters...

The game is played in TEAM SURVIVAL...

Recommended Time: Over 7 minutes
Friendly Fire: On
Grenade Launchers and the .50 Cal: Off
Thermal Vision: Off

The Hunters are allowed only the M1 Shotgun and Smoke me...this is how you want it...
The Survivors are allowed Remote Charges, Claymore Mines, Breach Charges, Smoke, and a debatable but acceptable Flash Bang (for escape purposes...good luck *L* )
But the Survivors must remember that the more smoke/flash you equip...the less Mines you'll be able to miss with...hehe

The game goes like this:

The Hunters MUST wait in their spawn and are immobile for 30 seconds...if the spawn is a room...they're allowed to move around but NOT step through the doorway...although you ARE allowed to peek to cover your ***...the Hunters are also allowed to shoot anyone that comes within their field of vision (this prevents the Survivors from rigging the outer Hunter perimeter with mines thus killing the HUNTED vibe)

The Survivors are allowed to scatter immediately and set up their perimeter wherever they THINK they will survive..haha..

Start game...scream like a girl and repeat until the sun comes up...

The recommended MAP for a great first impression (and plenty of chaos) is the NOT try and start this game up in one of the bigger maps...the more space there is in a map without the experience of the GARAGE will result in a less exciting experience...

One question that was brought up about the set up was how to decide who hunts and who survives after a round is over...the best direction i can give you is that whoever killed the Hunter then replaces the Hunter for the next round...if one Survivor kills 2 Hunters then he chooses who he wants to hunt with...but trust won't have problems with the roleplaying in this game...each side has its advantages and high points...

I just MIGHT be forgetting something here cause i've wrecked my brain making sure you guys pick up this game with all the right info so you can have as much of a blast as we do when we play...i'll put up any additional info in this thread and help anyone who wants to get this game on...


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Sounds like us in a TC game, we run and hide:eek: , they come and kill us all:D :D

More of the same then;)


PS C Ya on tonight then.


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Sounds like president on GR which was a good laugh. Maybe I'll be on Live again soon, so I can lose badly at this as well.


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