Manhattan T3R Audio but no picture


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Audio but no picture. Strangely, this happened while i was watching a past recording. The screen went blank, but the audio carried on. So i switched over to TV through the Mahhattan freeview to check, and same thing.

I then changed source to TV direct, avoiding outboard sources and TV is fine.

My Humax Foxsat is working fine also, so i swapped the Foxsat HDMI cable to the Manhattan. Again no picture, just audio. I then changed HDMI sockets, and still no change.

The other thing that's also happening, although i'm only getting audio through the Manhattan, the audio cuts out every 30 seconds for 3 or 4 seconds. Pretty religiously. How very odd.

I'm using Optical out from TV to a Soundbar, and this is fine on the Foxsat and TV itself

I havent made any changes recently to the Manhattan recently. Anything else i can try ?


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Bit more info. All my current recordings are in the menu, and the Freeview guide still works fine.
The remote is acting weird


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Might be time for a factory reset. Are your signal strengths OK ?


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That was my last try, and it did nothing. Signal strength is very good, in the 90's.
Software is latest 2.04

I have now contacted Amazon, who sells for Pluto Direct. Box is 10 months old. Amazon sent me a link to Pluto Direct who sent me a link to Manhattan. I have filled in an online problem message box located in the Manhattan link. Just waiting now.

Funny, i thought Pluto Direct would have handled this, rather than Mahattan.

My Humax Foxsat HDR, and Humax Fox T2 havent missed a beat, although old tech compared to the T3R. I'm regretting asking Manhattan for a replacement, as i have now set my Fox T2 back up while the T3R sits on the table, and the Fox T2 is doing a much better job.

I should have known this T3R box was going to be trouble down the line, when the buggy fast forward 4/8/16 etc flips out and delays, then it doesnt, then it does. Also jump scrolling through the FV guide using the P button also threw up a delay, then it jumps further than i wanted because it didnt keep up with my button pressing, after the delay finished delaying. Sometimes single scrolling through the FV guide does the same thing using the arrow button.

The weird way it looks like it's double recording on the +1 channels. Timer record something on say ITV and the red button signifying a timed recording , also gets a red button on the ITV+1 channel.
It does this on any channel that has a +1. And not forgetting that there's no front panel indication that anythings recording, unlike the 2 Humax boxes.

Yes, i'm regretting it already. I think i'll ask for refund, but i think the law says i have to give them a chance to fix or replace
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Interesting that a factory reset did not help. Other than that I had exactly the same issue with mine a few days ago. Menus etc all working fine but no video playback from either live TV, recordings or even via apps eg iPlayer again i could navigate into that but no picture once starting a show.

In my case cutting the power for a few minutes resolved it.


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I'll see what they say next week, but i'm going to lose about 10 films because of this.

Its been disconnected for a few hours now, so i will power it up and see if helps like yours, but even if that works, that to me is a big problem. Its not fit for purpose.

The only advantage this box has over my Foxsat and Fox T2 is the size


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Just plugged the troubled T3R in and its all back working. I'm not happy about this though. It shouldnt behave this way. It's still going back


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Boxes with computer chips inside can lock up... and a mains reset takes time as power supplies keep up voltages for a good period.

It happens to all of them, albeit rarely.

Mains off resets often need minutes to work.

Sending it back will likely mean it's returned NFF (no fault found) and a possible charge for postage?


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Yes a random fault like that would possibly not rear its ugly head back at their workshop. I hadnt figured on that.
Still, its my only DVR that's ever had that problem, and i still dont think its acceptable


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Manhattan might want the box to look at it, if so you’ll be sans PVR for the duration. I’d grab something else, if you can, as backup.

My Manhattan has thrown the old wobbly, and a power cycle usually resolves things. Same for my whizzy 4K TVs and BR players too. Welcome to the world of mass produced stuff.

Manhattan offers a 2y warranty if you register within 30 days of purchase, which seems decent to me.


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Indeed, as posted above Clem, i have set up my old Fox T2, which the T3R replaced, though i only mothballed the Humax. Luckily.
If i have to keep the Manhattan, so be it, but it will go in the cupboard, as i can only have 3 HDMI sources, and i already have 3. Foxsat, Blu-Ray, Freeview. Since the Fox T2 is much more reliable, it will be staying in place of the T3R

The BR has never thrown a wobbly like the T3R since i've owned it, neither has the Foxsat or Fox T2

I suppose i could add a 2 into 1 HDMI switch box, and have both T3r and Fox T2, but i'd also need a coax aerial splitter. Just dont fancy weakening the signal.


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Having said a 2nd FV box was not worth signal loss, are there actually any 2-1 coax splitters that are of good enough quality ? And the same for a 2-1 HDMI splitter ?

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