Manhattan T3-R failing to record specific programmes


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Exactly. I agree that there is a probably a bug somewhere, but finding out what it is is next to impossible, and Manhattan don't seem interested in helping to track it down, so my only is to hope it doesn't recur or that if it does a reboot will be the (short term) fix.


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Odd. I got the impression that Manhattan support was pretty helpful. I thought it was possible to run the machine in debug mode, to capture what’s going on, but I might be getting confused with Humax. I’d try support again. You might just have got a droid having a bad day when you contacted them.


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Nah, I’m not going to bother, unless the fault returns again.
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The problem is they weren’t that helpful when there was something to investigate. Now that it’s gone away after restarting the box I doubt I’d get a favourable response from them. They’d probably be quite happy to point out that it was my failure to simply restart the box that was the issue. My blood pressure is not likely to be able to withstand it.


Just chill. Don't get excited about it. It happens to everyone. You are not being singled out for specialist adverse treatment.

And just to get things in perspective, It's only TV. :D 😍

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I’m posting this here because I have searched everywhere and can’t get an answer. I’ve also contacted Manhattan but as with everyone else it’s “we might take a while to respond due to COVID-19”. Plus it’s a weird problem that I can’t understand why it is happening and wondered if any of the technical gurus here could offer any insights.

I’ve had my Manhattan T3-R for about six months now and I’ve been generally very happy with it. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some recorders, but it’s generally reliable and very nice to use.

However, lately it has stopped recording certain programmes, and the weird thing is it’s always the same programmes. I record Cheers and Frasier on Ch4 HD (104) every morning and last week all 4 of the recordings failed on the Monday morning (3rd August). They recorded fine the rest of the week, but yesterday and again today (10th & 11th August) they have failed again. All other programmes are recording fine.

The reason given is “loss of signal”, and the only thing I can think of is that that particular channel has some particular signal problems at that time of day, but I haven’t heard of any and can’t find anyone else having the same problem. Has anyone heard of something like this happening and have any idea what the cause is - i.e. is it a fault with the box or just some weird signal thing with Channel 4 HD. (I’ve changed one of the programmes to record on SD tomorrow to see if that makes a difference).

Thanks for any advice anyone has.

Yes I have the same problem " loss of signal "and missed recordings.. but connections are fine aerial is new ..this started not long after the recent update ..


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Well, I *think* I sorted the problem, it’s hard to tell because you have to wait months to see what works and what doesn’t. But it started again after I set the automatic standby to “smart” or whatever it’s called. Not straight away though, it worked for a few days but then started doing this again. I switched it back to the normal auto standby and it hasn’t happened again, so I guess that must be the problem. Now if Manhattan were interested it might help them resolve the issue, but they’re not, so I’ll just have to leave it like this. Maybe it might work for you, I don’t know.

And sure, it may “only be TV”, but when you buy something you hope it’s going to work, and if it doesn’t you would like the much vaunted guarantee to be worth something, but in this case it doesn’t seem to be. Luckily it’s working for now but if there are any other problems I‘m not confident they will be resolved.


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I'm having exactly the same problem - Not recorded due to loss of Signal - We actually watched half of it live!! Thought we'd watch the second half next day but planner says didn't get any of it at all!!

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