Manhattan T3. No sound on non-HD channels

chris sandy

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I just bought my son a Manhattan T3 box and connected it to his Samsung smart TV via HDMI. All seemed to get set up OK but now he says that the HD channels have sound, but non-HD channels are mute. I’ve searched around and have seen mentions of HD channels not having sound and fixes for this, but not non-HD. Is there a fix for this in settings somewhere? Thanks.


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Manhattan may well have its own volume control that's been set to very low/zero. It needs increasing to a level where the SD channels match the HD ones in volume.

You may need to reset the remote to not control the TV's volume to access that feature?

HD channels are transcoded to DD (5.1 or 2.0) and SD channels are stereo PCM (from MPEG2). It's easy for boxes to alter the latter, but not the former. The TV is, apparently, able to decode DD to give sound from the HD channels - which is fine!

Setting box to PCM stereo out will maybe fix it so that both HD and SD are silent?

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