Manhattan Freesat Channel Scan failure


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Hi - been using a manhattan freesat box for a while with no issues ( also running Sky q in other rooms) so LNB etc have all been compatible. Lost ITV 1 at the weekend - tried to rescan but failed at when at 10% - 100% Sat quality and 65% strength. I can get non freesat channels ( ITV's, Channel 4 and 5s etc) without issue if is scan for them. Tried all things - turn off at the wall, reset to factory settings, check connections etc all fine.

It also managed to give me about 12 Freesat channels this am when I went straight to the guide including BBC Oxford and North Ire but after I treid scanning thinking it had "woken up" it didnt find any and the guide is blank

I can not manage which transponder etc as not options in the menu I can see

Any pointers would be appreciated ?




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A few likely possibles to investigate:

Dish has moved off alignment needs fettling (what does Q box report on S and Q?)
Cable fault (try box on a spare cable from legacy ports on the LNB if you have any in other rooms - not the two Q wideband outputs though). Check re-make the plugs.

LNB faulty: LNB is a hybrid type (model/make could help?)
1. has decided to send a wideband signal to the legacy input of the Manhattan so it's confused (wrong IF frequencies, retuning/scan was a bad idea really but too late now) {Only early 6-output auto switching hybrids may be capable of that; probably.}
2. The LNB port output has failed {or internal signal switching / amplifying circuit has failed}
3. No DC power and signalling reaching the LNB port from the Manhattan {dodgy cable/no DC path = break in cable; it will still pass AC RF signals, perhaps not as well, by 'jumping' the gap} So no H/V switching.

Which ITV1 HD region is normal for your postcode as the transponder/frequency/polarisation will differ.
Freesat home transponder is needed for EPG Guide ch 999 and overnight housekeeping retunes.


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Which Manhattan Freesat box? It could be a box fault, especially if the SkyQ box is playing nicely. Manhattan offer a 2y guarantee on their kit if you register within 30 days of purchase.

If everything else chez vous is OK, as suggested by @Rodders53, then getting the box checked/replaced is the next step. A new Manhattan SX box can be had from JL for £49. I really like my SX box, apart from the rubbish remote.


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Thanks for the tips

I am not sure what the root cause was but it looks like it was possibly a freesat issue as I did a final reboot to factory settings after checking the inputs, dish etc as suggested ( could not really see any issue).

After the reset - channel scan completed correctly and all channels back to normal.

Thanks again


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