Maneater Review and Comments


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Good review and it's nice to see a game reviewed that I had absolutely no knowledge of at all.
Its a mad idea for a game but it has gotten my attention. Might have to give this a whirl. Hopefully it comes to game pass.


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It seems to be very similar to Hungry Shark, by ubisoft?
It’s nothing like it
That’s a cheaper throwaway type of game, this is more far cry great white edition.


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I just finsihed this 100% last night after playing it through most of the long weekend. I absolutely loved it, it was so much fun to play and considering it's a budget release it seems very polished. The combat system is deeper than it first implies and lots of the upgrades have different perks according to the build. Also it has an interesting metroidvania type level design which I wish was fleshed out a little more.

If you buy this expecting what's on the cover then you will not be disappointed. A solid 8 from me if I was to give a score and it's a breath of fresh air. I think this will be a hidden gem in years to come.


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Thought this looked fun! Loved Ecco the dolphin game on Dreamcast and this reminds me of that.

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