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Apr 14, 2005
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A few niggly bits regarding music with MCE 2005, hopefully someone can help me out :lease:

Firstly I have a 'various' folder for all those odd songs, when viewing through MCE each of these songs get their own folder/icon, is there a way to change this?

Also is it possible to change the size of the icons (or get rid of them) in My Music?

Also how does MCE view the music folders? I would like to be viewing them by Band as i could scroll through them a lot quicker and I seem to be viewing my album name only

I also installed the 'Music'
plugin whcih is meant to offer a folder view of music, but it only seems to look in the 'My Music' folder, I have my music stored an a seperate partition - is there a way to change the viewing folder as this may well fix the problems highlighted above :rolleyes:

many thanks
You instruct MCE to check in other folders as well as "my music". Have a fiddle in the menus and you'll find it (it worked for me).
No i have managed to do that but Im onabout the extra music plugin for MCE can you choose the folder this looks in too?

Great looking plugin, haven't tried it yet but I intend to. I noticed on the website that it picks up Music folder info from Windows Media Player and not MCE. It might be worth firing up WMP and checking the settings in there to see if you can add your extra music folder. (I'm in the same situation - all my music is in a non-standard folder - so I'd be interested to know if this works...)


You could also use TweakUI (available from the MS site) to change the location of "My Music", then the plug-in you mentioned should work fine :)
Point to remember - WMP database and settings are the same as MCE. MCE is just a different frontend for WMP.

To get all your various tracks as a single album set the album tag for all the tracks to Various or Individual Tracks or whatever you want to call it and then make sure the album artist tag for all the tracks is set to Various Artists. You can still keep the artist track set correctly for each track but it's the album artist tag that's key to make sons appear in one album.

Not sure what you mean by being able to view by band, surely you have the Artist view option on the left hand side of My Music?

If you have all your music on a seperate partition you really should make that partition your My Music location. As mentioned above TweakUi is probably the best way to do this.
many thanks for all your hints guess i wont be watching tv this week, if I find anything unusual or helpful ill let you know

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