managing sky+ recordings like Tivo

richard plumb

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Considering Sky+ to replace my Tivo (or more likely Sky HD+). But one of the main things Tivo does really well for me is record a new episode of a program every day, deleting the old one. This is really handy for kids programs on cbeebies etc.

Can Sky+ do this, or will the box just fill up with recordings unless I manually delete them?


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SKY+ is dumb by comparison to TIVO, it can delete stuff but only on the basis of what has been watched and is not marked manually as KEEP and this facility is just used when free space is at a premium.

It's series link facility (season pass) is limited thanks mainly to TIVO having patents on most aspects of the system and thus relies on the broadcaster to send the appropriate data.

SKY+ hardware is excellent but it's software is limited, you may want to run TIVO and SKY+ side by side before ditching the TIVO as you may find the SKY+ advantages are not enough to over ride the TIVO flexibility.


I suppose that you get less "clutter" with TIVO, but Sky+ will delete programmes not marked as "KEEP" if it runs low on space. Because I have a 200GB drive in my Sky+, that doesn't happen very often, and the way I look at it is that the recordings are not actually costing me anything.

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