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Hello all,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this so if it needs moving or whatever, feel free :D

Anyway, this is my second post, following on from this thread a couple of years ago After advice/ideas for Manctuary/Man cave | AVForums (i’m a reader, not a writer usually :p)

Things have progressed and i’ve now got more of an idea of how the room will fit together – I also know what purpose i want it to fill and I’ve got a budget of between £2000-£3000 for the fit out.

So, plan of the room below.


The use of the room is pretty much as described previously but with a few amendments-

Its going to be our main reception/party room so we’re looking to keep it pretty open plan. What this does mean however is that i think I’m going to need 2 sound systems, one for movies etc, orientated for the screen and another for general music in the room (they won’t be in use simultaneously)....

Whats the best way to achieve this solution and what kit will i need? Or is that too much of an open question and there are loads of ways to do it?

Eventually i’ll be aiming to get to room automated in terms of lighting (scene setting), blinds, sound system etc so that’ll be the next thing I’ll be trying to find out about.

Comments, ideas and suggestions are all welcome.

Regarding equipment, am i best to post what i have in mind here or create separate posts for each piece one i know what i need? Projector for example, i was thinking something like a BenQ W1070 Digital Projector

Comments, ideas and suggestions are all welcome – go easy on me though:D


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To be honest it really is too much of an open ended question. You could focus on a musically competent set up that will also do movies. It'll put pressure on your budget but is possible.
How many sources do you intend to use?
e.g. AV - Sky? Cable? Bluray? Freeview? Any others?
Music - CD? Internet radio? MP3 player? others?
What are your priorities? Sound quality, picture quality, flexibility, 3D, etc?
Is the music just for party time or will you also be using it for serious listening?


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Thanks for the reply, i anticipated that might be too open so i’ll try and narrow it down a bit with some specifics:

  • PS4
  • Xbone,
  • Ipod,
  • stream from media pc/router (was considering a sonos/spotify type system if possible)
  • inputs for connecting a laptop to host karaoke (yes bad i know)
As for priorities – Bit more difficult to answer but flexibility should be up there and as i’m not really an audiophile when it comes to music, as long as it doesn’t sound tinny or under powered, it should be ok....Films, on the other hand, loud explosions and good clarity are a must. So not really, “serious listening” for music but enough to give a good atmosphere.

3D is a nice to have but not essential and I will be putting in black out blinds to get the most out of the projector, which will mainly be used at night anyway. Lamp life is still a consideration though as it will get a fair bit of use.

Not sure whether that has helped clarify anything at all really :p


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Unless you have your projector, TV, screen and speakers already you budget is going to be swallowed up pretty quickly with just your projector and screen.

I would suggest given your ambition of wanting to add to your system later you spend a good amount of time considering your wiring and also what control system you may want to use to do the lighting control, etc at a later date. That way you'll not limit yourself when you come to that stage plus many people in my experience make the mistake of putting in lots of equipment silos and what I mean by that is lots of nice capable kit that doesn't either work as well as it could together/has different control interfaces/apps, etc.

My philosophy on automation in the home is that it should be 'Wife and Kid friendly' and that means they can work any part of it intuitively and without needing to have any technology knowledge which means one app/UI on the TV that's intuitive and consistent

For example friends and family are blown away that my 4 year old daughter can use the remote control (bearing in mind she cants read much more than here own name at 4) and can turn on the TV, surround sound and pick a number of her favourite channels from my Vu+ Solo2 from the remote control or her mini iPad. Can turn on TV, amp, etc and bring up all the movies on the NAS and play them without any assistance because she recognises her movies via the DVD covers displayed on the TV/iPad interface - which invariably means Alvin and the Chipmunks is on! And can even turn on/off lights even though she can't reach light switches from her mini iPad. The best but of course being that at 6am when she wakes up she can go put Peppa Pig on in the lounge without making me get out of bed!

Now that's not just Wife and Kid friendly is also Dad friendly too :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the replies again guys, i’ll have a look at those subs!

Cmclean – thanks for the long reply! Some really helpful stuff in there. I’m just drawing up some plans of where to put sockets and cableways for all the kit i’m planning to put in there – needs a fair bit of thought as you say.

I’m not familiar with the Vu+ Solo2 system. So would that offer the connectivity I need or? I guess what my end goal is, is to pull together a shopping list of individual components so that I can cater for the electrical supplies needed and routes to and from each bit. I can then pull a “wiring” schematic together for it so i can ensure its set up correctly.

Regarding the budget, you’re right again – it is a bit tight but there is a bit of scope to stretch it if it makes all the difference and once the shopping list is produced, i can add to it when more funds are available.


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Sorry to jump In on this. Cmclean, I'd love to hear more about your setup with your vu+ box! following your post I've spent the afternoon googling and I'm very impressed. Your setup of one UI is just what I'm after for the family!

What are you using on the vu+ to stream films from your nas? We use a mixture of netflix and plex right now so if I could get those working through the vu+ that would be awesome and I will be placing an order,,,,just as soon as I figure out how the heck to choose which box to buy!

Tried to PM you but your inbox is full

Ebay is often your friend at the stage you're at. Start with the basics and upgrade as you go. Even a cheap projector will get you going along with inexpensive surround sound set ups.

Personally I'd have just the amp/receive and maybe use the second speaker outputs to cover your bar area for music etc, for that size space I don't think you need to have two serous but depends how much of an audio phile you are!


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Hi Guys and Gals,

Resurrecting an old thread i started here awhile back. Progress has been somewhat slow thanks to the builder taking there time doing the roof but now the work on the Manroom has finally begin, so i'm back - asking (sometimes stupid) questions in the hope of being able to get any required cabling into the walls before sealing the up :thumbsup:

Anyway, all the questions i have revolve around the AV - my ideas have become somewhat more defined than my OP which should hopefully help with the answers.

The equipment that i have, that i'd like to fit in somewhere:
  • Panasonic TH-46Z85B (to be located behind the bar where the computer desk was)
  • Benq w1070 Projector (ceiling mounted to project ontp the right hand wall)
  • Panasonic SA-PT560 home cinema system (May be a little dated but i'm been pleased with it so would like to re-use some if possible)
What i'm trying to achieve is this:
  • Capabilty to send outputs from Xbox, PS4 etc to either the projector or the plasma
  • Capability to have zoned sound for different set up, so one for projecor watching (lower portion of room only), Bar area only and all together for ambient background music type.
Requirement one - From what i have read, this should be easy to do with a HDMI matrix but what i'm curious about and isnt completely apparent to a newbie like me but do home cinema amps do this too?

Requirement two - First thought were SONOS but then thought there must be a hardwired way to do this too? THe advantage i was thinking the SONOS had is that i could use a CONNECT to put some life back into the old panasonic home cinema kit.

Am i missing a trick? Is there an easier way of doing the above? Would a home cinema amp such as the Sony STR-DN1040 do everything i want it too?

Touching on the automation comment i made earlier in the thread. I've all but accepted that it may be overkill for one room after reading up on the control4 type systems but i'd still like it to be somewhat user friendly without having millions of remotes.

Sorry for the long winded post, really appreciate any advice given as its getting close to crunch time for pre wiring and i dont want to miss anything.


Oh and i've added a updated model to show the plans for the room and how they have evolved (bye bye computer station! :clap:)

first hit.jpg

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