Mame Arcade Cabinets


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Yeah i've had one for a couple of years now - it's a good laugh to stick on every now and again!

I've attached a couple of pics of mine below.


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there was on for sale on the classifieds by a guy whose name i think is Marc but his "Handle" escapes me at the moment.....Avatar was a shark IIRC


have you seen this site? They have some amazing machines and a great selection of art work, can you imagine a Full size cabinet with the Star Wars art??!!

happy hunting!


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i built one from scratch last year, with help form a mate, including pc is was a grand well spent, but a grand none the less.

it isnt a cheap project & 1 thing you find with nearly all the projects.... they go over budget.

but hey, do it, they are ther ultimate batchelor accessory.


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i was thinking of building a reeeely miniature one, by getting one of these:

and throwing it inside a very small box onto which i would put one of these: or similar
with a big HD to store a whole 5000 game mame collection.

then get the joystick with some buttons and build as small as possible platform to latch onto this box, some mame artwork, and you have a MINI mame cabinet! :devil: This would be great as its easy to lug around and our other halfes certainly wouldnt mind them as much as the big ones (i havent got any space for a big one anyway).


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You could just use a laptop and an arcade controller :smashin: . Or if you want it in a mini arcade cab still use a laptop & just house it within the cab with built in arcade controls.

The screen is very small (only 6.4") and with a laptop you get a good 15" screen (over twice the size). You can get a laptop capable of running all Mame games (say a 2.5 ghz celeron) for around £450! :thumbsup:


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that screen is just an example, you can get a bigger or a smaller size if you wished so...
problem with a laptop is that it doesnt look like a miniature cabinet, it looks like a laptop :)
i was thinking like proper miniature scaled down arcade box, with mini mame stickers and everything. This would look cool...


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You can easily encase the laptop in an MDF cabinet though and as everything is already built (computer wise) then this is the easiest route.

The example you post is great though. :thumbsup:

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