Maldives holiday advice


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me and the fiance are planning on going next april and ive been looking online but as there are many islands id thought id seek advice
looking at 7 days (or more budget depending)
all inclusive ,and somewhere for couples
dont want loads of kids screaming around us:eek:
anyone have any recommendations and also who is good to book with?

many thanks

oh and budget of around £3000 hopefully less and not more:D


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If Razor doesn't reply to this thread, you should PM him. I think he's been a few times (lucky ****er:smashin:).


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My mother went a few years back, when there were a good few more islands pre-tsunami.

Given the general location and nature of the islands, I'd be astounded if you had a screaming kid within 50 miles of you.

One thing my mum said though, was that she'd never eaten so much chicken in two weeks of her life - every meal available was chicken :rotfl: I'm sure times change, but yeah - difficult to go wrong.

A colleague of mine went on her honeymoon in October and said it was fantastic.


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ive been twice to meeru, one of the cheaper islands there and both times blew us away. it was so good the first, we thought why risk spending more another island and went straight back to play it safe.. and i'd go back there tomorrow if i could

we spent about £2700 for both of us, for two weeks last time, flying with emirates via hayes and jarvis (the posh version of first choice) and the service was faultless

dont worry about kids out there, its all couples from mid twenties up.

meeru has an amazing reef so scuba is essential, i did it reluctantly on the last day the last time we went and have kicked myself ever since for not doing it sooner.

food, service, rooms, spa, facilities, bar etc etc all amazing

you can spend a fortune if you want to get a room on the beach, or a water bungalow, but the land villas are just as good considering you'll be on the beach/pool all day anyway

talking about is making me wanna go back and i probly will this december.

some pics i took to wet your appetite:


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Ive been twice once to Summer Island and once to Kuredu (sister island to Meeru I believe).

Summer Island was quite rustic and Kuredu was amazing, we stayed at the Sangu end of the Island on Kuredu in the water villas which is more exclusive that the "normal" part of the island and it was great and I highly recommend it if you might see youself getting a bit bored on one of the smaller islands.

Meeru is supposed to be a bit more couples orientated and if I went back I think I would definitely try there.

Have a great time, wish I was going back!


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many thanks so far for the advice
funnily enough meeru was the island ive been costing up thus far :thumbsup:


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I ahve been three times, including Meeru.

My advice is an Island called Veligandu, this is a small normally couple only island, purely because it doesn't have a pool etc like the larger ones.

Get a Beach Villa, with Deck leading down to the water.

Go AI do not do any other boarding option. Water and Alcohol are really expensive. Budget for 2 litres of water per day each minium, at about $2-5 per bottle. We learnt the hard way.

Not much difference in price between 7 and 14 days, just avoid school holiday time.

Best time of the year is January -April.

Enjoy :)


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I use Best @ Travel allot and always find them very good. I have been to the Maldives twice now and absolutely love the place. My first visit was to Sun Island and the 2nd time was to Filetheyo Island. Filethyo had the edge for me but cost a fair bit more than Sun Island.

Food on both Islands were first class as was the service. I got a sea plane to each island and this is an experience not to be missed. I have seen manta rays swimming under the plane at 300 feet.

The house reef in Filetheyo goes all around the island and there is so much to see. The dive school there is also excellent and the instructors are first class. The food here is the best I have ever had in all my travels and I have visited allot of places. The rooms are first class I had bungalow 100 which at the time of the year I went had a massive stretch of sand in front of it. The beach changes size depending on the time of the year.

Staff were very accommodating and we had our own private waiter for the whole time we were there.

Sun Islands house reef is in one location and is very good but not as good a Filetheyo. You can feed sting rays at night and feed reef sharks in certain locations of the island. Sun Island is a big island and you are given bikes to get around which is quiet nice. Rooms here are also very good but not quiet as nice as Filethyo. Upgrade to the superior as these have the best views and locations, they are also slightly bigger.

You also get your own private waiter here on Sun island but they make you share tables with other guests. If you dont like this idea then make it known and they will put you on a separate table.

The only way I can describe The Maldives is Paradise. If I could live there I would in a flash. :)


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many thanks again for your replys
im planning on going on april 2011 so thanks for the island suggestions:thumbsup:
more googling for me now:D

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