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I am going to make my own scart leads as i need to run them over fair distances and feeding them through walls etc means the heads must come off.

have a few questions im hoping someone can help with, maybe someone has experiance of this, all advice welcome.

firstly, which is better soldered or crimped ends?

also if using crimp ends do i need to buy a tool such as this
| Connectors | Audio or Video | Crimp Tooling | 2.54mm Molex KK Range
or can i just use pliers?

also had an in depth discussion with the guy in maplins and he believes that cat5 cable would be better than scart cable as its a better grade.

this would mean running 3 for each one scart cable but i could dress them at each end with that mad plastic stuff.



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You can buy SCART cables with detachable heads LINK

However, as SCART is slowly being replaced by HDMI, I would question the logic in investing time/money in an old technology. Surely it would make more sense to upgrade the equipment? HDMI can be carried over cat5/6 network cables using baluns. See the relevant sub-forum.


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i might be thinkin short term but i dont think ill be buyin anything properly hd for a while though i might be gettin an hd dvd player as part of a surround sound package. was goin to run 3 hdmi leads to the tele just incase as it has 3 inputs and 2 scarts as my starview box and current dvd player use these. was basically gonna run leads to all the connections in case i want to use them. scart leads seem like a whole load of hassle over distance and the cat5 solutions are pretty expensive unless i solder or crimp cat5 into scart plugs

the detachable leads look great, but i get cat5 for nadda and scart plugs r only a pound each on ebay. would the 13 pin din mean less functionality?

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