making the best from what i can(t) afford!


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Evenin all,

I dont have a very big living room and will no doubt have a projector in my next house, but this is what i have for now...let me know what you think, and i can't move the tv any lower btw :D

kit list:

Pioneer lx50 amp
Pioneer lx71 bdp (v1.32)
sharp 52lx20e lcd
mission volante 61 fronts
mission m60i rears
mission e30i sides
tannoy sensys centre
mordaunt short avant 309i sub
logitech harmony 1100 remote
logitech di novo mini
qed xt400 speaker cable-airlocks
qed hdmi-p cable x 4
atacama nexus
homemade centre stand :thumbsup:
homemade htpc drawer :cool:
varilight ir remote dimmer switch

...and not to mention a lot, an i mean a lot of holes in various different walls, in a rented property- oops!! :eek:

















Looks smart, mate. You've made good use of the space.

I'm liking the dimmer switch idea :thumbsup:


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Do you have a cupboard under those stairs there ? If you do, would you be tempted to move all of the kit into there ? Could make for a very simple minimalist setup.


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Looks good, I like the PC in the drawer, good use of space and looks nice.

Is it me or are the spikes on the speakers going straight into the units and floors? dont they make marks?


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Looks great, also set up very neatly. Hope the amp doesn't get too hot under there!


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You don't live on the same estate as me do you? we must have the same house as my living room looks identical to yours other than we have an open staircase and a bay window!

I've thought about wall-mounting our TV where you have yours, the bottom of the stairs have made me think if we could as I didn't want to obstruct them too much, although you look like having a couple of extra treads than we do - be interested to hear if you think the AV rack gets in the way.

oh, and just noticed your Lian Li HTPC case - looks sweet, I might have to get me one of those! :thumbsup:


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cheers for the comments people :thumbsup:

paul t, i live in oakwood, derby. get ur tv on the wall, av rack not in the way at all

i dont have a cupboard under the stairs, tbh i wouldnt put my kit in there anyway. i love the look of my kit and has cost far too much, so prefer to look at it!

the amp stays pretty cool, same with the htpc as there is about a 2 inch gap at the back of the unit- the cool air given off by the fans would be wasted if it was in an open space as it would simply disperse. however having material slightly above it means the cooler air is trapped around it whilst the hot air escapes as it rises. or something to that effect! corny science lesson of the day :D all i know is that they dont get too hot. lol

as for the spikes on the floors, who cares! i try not to move speakers around if can be helped. if any they'll be tiny :rolleyes: ...i hope

the lian li htpc cases are ace value for money, mine was around 120 notes with power supply. very reasonable for an all alu chassis.


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Great looking room, really good use of what looks like quite an awkward space to work with!

I was wondering, is the glass stand your centre speaker is on part of the actual speaker or a separate stand? If it was bought separately could you link me to where I might get hold of a stand like it?



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cheers legacy- i made the stand myself! i got the clear acrylic/perspex off this company for 5 quid delivered, 01482 333800. you order it to whatever size you want. then used my dremel to cut the 4 holes in it to which i used monacor speaker spikes (also off ebay for about 12 to 15 quid) and hey presto! its very sturdy and costs a fraction of what they charge for a centre stand elsewhere.

Hmm i feel a small money maker comin on here...;)


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Wow, looks very professionally done! I would certainly pay for some, I am getting a couple of Wharfedale Diamond bookshelf speakers which will be sitting on my computer desk, so I've been looking at getting a stand just like that for each of them because 1. isolates vibrations etc, and more importantly 2. everything looks cooler on spikes :p

You should get a little internet business going!


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ha ha yeah maybe i should! wharfedale diamonds got **** hot reviews, would be good to put them on stands. When i get paid i might make a couple of these up and see if i can help solve a common problem. i can make any width and length but as for height im limited by the height of the spikes :confused:


i wonder what people would be willing to pay...?


Very nice colour layout! Even with all your AV gear it matches everything perfectly. Doesnt your amp get toasty under there?!


Nice set up:thumbsup: You could always get a projector with a short throw distance. I have a very small room as well,but still managed to fit a projector in.

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