Making sense of S&V test bench scores - Meridian g95 vs Anthem MRX710


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Hello all. This is my first post. Hope I get the etiquette right.

I'm a bit of a second-hand junkie, so am usually about 5-10 years behind the curve.

I currently have a Meridian g95 all-in-one driving 2 x Meridian P330 and 3 x Meridian P320 wall panel speakers, with a pretty basic sub (and an antimode). It sounds very nice, to be honest, but the room is an odd shape and the speakers are quite hard to drive (rated at 100 - 200w).

I'm thinking of side-grading to an second hand MRX710 for the benefit of bi-amping the front speakers for stereo listening, which is about half of my use, and a bit more grunt in general.

But I'm struggling to understand the respective power ratings of the two amplifiers.

From S&V:

Two speakers, 8 ohms70w at 0.1% distortion
128w at 1% distortion
118.5w at 0.1% distortion
138w at 1% distortion
Two speakers, 4 ohms120w at 0.1% distortion
153w at 1% distortion
187w at 0.1% distortion
223w at 1% distortion
Five speakers, 8 ohms102w at 0.1% distortion
115w at 1% distortion
Seven speakers, 8 ohms75w at 0.1% distortion
90w at 1% distortion

Anyone think I'll notice a significant difference?

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