Making multiple folders into individual zip files at the same time - possible?


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Was just wondering if anyone knew how to create an individual zip file for each folder on a drive all at once?

In other words if I have 20 folders called Work_A, Work_B, etc etc, I want to be able to create a zip file of each one as an individual file, ie, etc etc - but all 20 in one go rather than me sitting there making 20 .zip folders

Is that possible?

I need to keep them as .zip files rather than stuffit or anything else due to the interface reading them back in again.

Any help really appreciated.


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WinRAR can.

Select the folders, right click Add to Archive.... then Files tab


You have the option of creating Zip instead of RAR on the front General tab when you select the folders.
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i'm trying to do the same thing without a third party app. an AppleScript friend of mine found the solution. here is the Script, just copy, paste, and save as a drag and drop app. this script individually zips, or compresses, FILES or FOLDERS.

tell application "Finder"
set theItem to selection as alias
set itemPath to quoted form of POSIX path of theItem
set fileName to name of theItem
set theFolder to POSIX path of (container of theItem as alias)
set zipFile to quoted form of (theFolder & fileName & ".zip")
do shell script "zip -r " & zipFile & " " & itemPath
end tell

also, here's a link i found on MacWorld. it does exactly what we want it to do with individual files, but NOT folders. i'm sure with a tweak to the four lines of UNIX code in Apple's Automator software (if you are using MacOS X), you will be able to run it on folders too.

here's the link: Create multiple individual zip files | Macworld

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