Making more phono inputs for hardly any money


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My projector (AE100) only has one set of component inputs.

But my DVD player will do progressive scan component out, and my digital terrestrial tv box will do component out, and both of these look worse (still very good, just not AS good) via S-video.

What I thought was, if I stuck a "phono plug to 2 phono sockets" adaptor in each of the component phonos, then I could permanently connect the 2 devices by the best method possible. Whichever device was turned on, would show on my projector, and if they were both on at once it would look very silly, but I wouldn't use them both at once, so thats OK.

Assuming the adaptors fit well, there shouldn't be any loss of quality. And the adaptors cost less than 2 quid each, so it costs nothing compared to the cost of my equipment.

My question is, is it possible to damage any of the equipment by putting 2 sources in at once. E.g. will anything bad happen to the DVD player if it 'receives' a component signal voltage from another unit, when it's only expecting to be outputting its own signal? I assume it will be fine, but maybe someone can reassure me.

If it's all fine, why doesn't everyone take the approach of using splitters/adaptors at the PJ inputs instead of saying things like 'oh I have to use composite for my playstation and s video for the digibox, as my dvd is using up the best connection' ??
Any thoughts appreciated


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Companies like Keene Electronics do a wide range of audio and video switching units.
Better to use one of these than risk damage and wear and tear on your equipment by repeated plugging and unplugging of cables.


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RTFM, I think his suggestion was that he would not have to keep on unplugging things, he wants to make a set of leads that will plug into his projector component inputs and then allow 2 or more devices to plug into his leads together.

I do not know if damage could occur to the other devices.


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There's a chance that you could get ghosting, ringing or interference patterns on screen with this configuration.

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