Making E85 Multiregion


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Can anyone tell me how the Panasonic DMR -E85 is made multi region and RCE comp.

Is it a remote hack or a disc??

Also can anyone clear up the MAIN question regarding the Panasonic DVDR. The Lip sync.

Is it a problem which affects the machine regardless of what source its recording from?

ie Sky, Sky +, Terrestial TV or another DVD player??

Or is it a problem with recording from NTL as the majority of users (with lip sync problems) are/seem to be using NTL.

Hope you can help before I click the order button.

Thanks in advance everyone!!;)


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Oh and does anyone know if its possible to do a DVD backup of any of my more cherished DVD films?? (which I own obviously)


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Apparently with the hs2 you can purchase the appropriate lead and connect av1 to av2. Then play the dvd using the rf to view on the tv, whilst the copy can then be made to the hard drive. Don't see why this shouldn't work on the e85.
Personally I find it easier to do on a computer as then you can back-up all the menu's and extra's as well. The above method will only copy what you are playing at the time and will loose more quality than the computer method
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