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I want to take some of the recordings on my Sky Plus box and put them onto DVD. I have a ATI Radeon 8500DV capture card which can capture in MPEG 2 up to 15mb/s VBR or CBR, or in AVI mode using a whole bunch of formats I don't understand (YU9/YU12 etc). I also have a DVD writer on the computer, so I took the PC downstairs last night and recorded an episode of one of my favourite programs from Sky.

The problem I now have is how to remove the adverts and write the file to DVD-R. The package I was going to use, Pinnacle Studio 8 won't accept the mp2 format, so I can't edit the file and remove the adverts. Has anyone tried using a computer to make DVD-R disks and could suggest a program which can take the input from my ATI card and create a DVD from it? Thanks.

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I think (don't quote me on this!:D ) it depends on the video capture software you are using. Try capturing in .AVI using the DV video encoder or the MJPEG video encoder used by the studio 8 program. your video capture program should have options on what type of compression to use.


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All you need to know;

Both sites are great for information on capturing and converting for playback on a dvd player.

They also have the tools available for download (shareware or freeware) to allow you to build a dvdr.

Oh and change the mp2 to mpg for most editors to be able to edit it. Mp2 isnt usually registered but mpg is and your software should first look for a mpg 1 stream and then a mpg2 stream if mpg1 is not found depending on the codecs you have installed).

Take a look at the links and have fun. It is n't that hard if you are willing to put a little time into learning how to do it properly.


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