Making a Linn system into a multi-room setup


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Not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes:

The in-laws own a Linn system comprising Genki CD Player, Pekin tuner, Kolektor Pre-amplifier, LK85 Power Amplifier. They currently have two Linn Ninka (I think) speakers. They are moving house and want to pipe music to 4 other rooms.

We've been looking at the Linn sweetspot speakers but I have no idea if they are suitable for use with the existing equipment. I presume that if they want to be able to control the music from these other rooms they would need a music server connected to keypads?

Any help would be appreciated since I have no clue when it comes to audio!:hiya:


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A number of the Linn preamps have multiroom outputs, but unfortunately the Kolektor does not have these. You could plug a line driver into the tape outputs of the Kolektor (which can give you the audio to multiple rooms, but no ability to control them or switch sources remotely.

If you use an intersekt, you might be okay. The sources plug into the kolektor (as normal) but also plug into the intersekt. Then in each room you need either a roomamp (a kind of integrated amp) or a power amp + a line_receiver (a kind of preamp) to receive and amplify the signal from the intersekt. You also need a Room Control Unit (RCU) for each remote zone. Then the sources can be remotely controlled and selected independently of the kolektor with full feedback to the RCUs so you know what you are listening to. You can also change volume and balance using the RCUs independently of whatever the kolektor is doing.

While you can pick all these things up secondhand, you will need to get them programmed by a Linn dealer. I have a Linn preamp (AV5103) tuner (Pekin) and a few non-Linn sources all running through an Intersekt. The other rooms in the house have roomamps and RCUs. It works well and my local Linn shop is less than 1km away - so I dropped it all off to get it programmed at a very reasonable cost.

Check the prices out for intersekts, roomamps and RCUs on ebay to get some idea of local prices.


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