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So I have copied my video footage from my JVC camera, and now want to save it to a DVD so it can play in any standard DVD player. However, having burnt the disc (using this software the dvd will not play at all on one dvd player, works fine on another, and will bring up the title screen but no more in another player.

Whats the story here? Is there not s simple way of burning a DVD and having it just work? Is there some better software which will make this happen?


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Welcome to the world of recordable DVDs. Compatibility is a common issue.

A number of factors go into compatibility:

- The type of disc used (e.g. DVD-R, DVD+R)
- The quality/manufacturer of the disc
- The DVD players
- The burner used
- The software used

Of these, the software is the least likely to be the issue. Problems are most common if using low quality media, or if you are using a format that the DVD player doesn't accept.

DVD-R tends to be the most compatible. Some DVD players reject DVD+R by design. However, some burning software can set the booktype on a DVD+R disc to make it look like a DVD-ROM, and these are highly compatible.

Older DVD players are likely to have more trouble reading the discs. Recordable DVDs aren't as reflective as pressed ones.

So the first thing I'd do is try some different discs. I recommend ones made by Taiyo Yuden, which are sold under various brand names. Links to a couple I've had good performance from:





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The combination of some software and media dont gel. Changing either ( or both) may be the answer.Using good branded media is a must regardless of which software you use
For software
Try This
as an alternative: You can use the a trial version If you want


Also burn the DVD at the slowest speed (1x) to get the best compatability on DVD players. Burning at a faster speed will reduce the likelyhood of the disc being playable in players.


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