Making a 3440x1440 144Hz monitor USB C with a dock or hub


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Hi there

I currently have a monitor which is 3440x1440 resolution and runs at 144Hz. I use a displayport to usb c cable to my laptop to run it at the moment. I believe that's display port alt mode. The cable also has an in-line usb c socket so I can inject power.

I just need a few USBs and ethernet also, but want to turn the monitor into a single cable solution as a juggle a few laptops.

If I plug my displayport to usb c cable into a hub with a usb c data port, will it pass through and allow me to still run my monitor at full resolution and refresh rate?

I cant find any info on how to do this

My machines don't have thunderbolt and I don't want to spend lots anyway as the monitor was £350

Any suggestions appreciated



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If the DisplayPort end is connected to your computer then no, there's no way for it to carry a USB signal to enable a USB hub to work.


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Maybe I wrote it confusingly

Displayport end in the montorl
Usb c end goes to my computer

But I see some Anker hubs with a usb c data port as well as one for connecting power

So I wanted to get a hub like that, hook the usb c end into the hubs data port and hopefully still be able to run my monitor at full Res and refresh?

As most have HDMI ports only and I see usually say 4K 30Hz etc .. just wondered if using the USB c port would let me go further

Might a case of try it and see, just thought someone else may have hit troubles with UWQHD or high refresh and how they worked around it


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While I'm pretty sure hubs can support what you're asking it's not mandatory and I suspect far from universally supported. I'd only go for one that says it does it explicitly.

HDMI only recently supported that much bandwidth with the 2.1 release, so there's a good chance the HDMI port on your monitor wouldn't even manage it.

It's worth looking at docks with a normal DP connector though, some of them may support DP 1.3+ and have sufficient bandwidth


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Got a Dell WD-19 dock off fleabay. There are loads, people get them from work, don't use them and flog them new. It supports your required resolution as I have QHD 165Hz and 1080p 60Hz connected to it. Tried it with Dell, Asus, Lenovo, HP laptops and works with them all. There is a HDMI and 2 X DP ports 1.4, plenty of USB, ethernet, audio and 135W or 180W power supply.

It obviously requires USB 3.1 or above.


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I actually found a very cheap option to do it in the end, so I will have a WD19 and WD19S to sell .. I got a bit overzealous on eBay and ended up with both.

Anyway, I got this and it supports full resolution and refresh rate for anyone in the same situation.

£29.99 on Amazon
Cable Matters USB C Multiport Adapter (USB C Hub with DisplayPort 8K), 2x USB 2.0, 480Mbps Ethernet, and 100W Charging in Black USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 Port Compatible for MacBook Pro and More

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