Making a 10m composite video cable

Stereo Steve

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I need to make a 10m video cable with RCA's at each end to take the composite OSD signal from my processor to my TV. The Svideo out is used for the PJ but I don't want to have to put that on to fiddle with the pro's settings.

What cable should I use? Would standard coax be OK? Quality is of little importance as long as I can read what's on the screen. I can get cheap RCA plugs from maplin.

Stereo Steve

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Thanks Darren, that's waht I thougt. I have a load of double shielded FT100 in the shed so I'll use that. IS that also a good cable to make up RF leads from VCR, through PVR to TV? Not that I will use them much but it's handy sometimes.


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That's what I'm using for my leads with Maxview metal plugs from B&Q - it transferring the signal all the way from the roof so I'm guessing its good enough to use on flyleads as well. Certainly feels more substantial than the wires you get with your VCR.
I've still got about 50m on a drum after fitting my TV and FM aerials - 100m only cost £20 from B&Q
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