Make me the happiest uncle ever! (2seconds)



Hey AVforums,

Just wondering if anyone would be able to help me and hopefully make me the happiest uncle ever

Entered my nephew for a competition online and hopefully we can do well;

[Link removed by moderator]

If you dont mind voting, it takes 5seconds and I'd greatly appreciate this, doing it as a surprise for my sister.


Really appreciate if anyone could vote.
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Ian J

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Whilst we often have posts like this from forum members it's a bit cheeky to join a forum specifically to drum up support for a competition entry so regretfully I have removed the url from your post.


I didn't join for the entry :( I joined today and noticed someone else posted there's? Please it's not for the entry.

The Bass

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You saw the reaction to the other thread and still posted? Did you really think everyone was just angry because the kid was ginger?


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Just generally joined to find out about some cards I need.

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I have the seven of clubs.

Deleted member 30535

There's one exception I tend to make for new users asking for (non-AV) help, and that's where a student is asking to complete a survey as part of their studies. Don't mind that for one minute.


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^ Same here.

When someone posts one of these "Vote for my......" threads if I vote at all it will be for the person I believe should win, not necessarily the person that the OP wants me to vote for.

However, I shan't be voting this time. Trawling through images of babies looking for the cutest picture is just too creepy for me.

Member 55145

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oh.... i wandered in thinking this was an inseminate my sister thread.... sorry

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