Make a nice cake from these for me......


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Make a nice cake from these for me please......

Start off with some:

2 PMC FB1i's + 2 PMC TB2i's + TB2m-Ci
or 2 GB1i's + 2 DB1i's + DB1M-Ci
or 3 M&K Xenon 36, 2 Surround 24T

Mix in an:

Arcam 600
or Yamaha z7
or Pioneer LX81

Finish with:

Velodyne SPL1200Ultra
or M&K SB12
or M&K 250

My room is fairly free of soft furnishings (about 4.5m x 5m and semi open plan). Useage: Games > DVD/Bluray > lickle bit of music

I have read a few posts on here from people who have listened to demos and been disappointed when they get the system set up in their home. I don't want the same to happen to me .... so I am calling on the experts on this here board to help me out.

Which ingredients listed above will make a cake that tastes ******* excellent



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I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I am in the midst of putting together an AV set-up, so far I’ve gone for the Z7, XTZ 99.25 fronts, SVS SB12plus..still not sure about the rears, might leave them out for now.:confused:

The Arcam 600 is more musically capable I believe, but then it’s about £1k more than the other 2 so it wants to be.

I’ve also read a few threads about people having HDMI compatibility issues on the Pio LX81, do a search in the relevant forum and check it out for yourself.

Bottom line is I’ve only been looking into all this for about 2 months now and there’s a lot to consider, seems to me from your list you’ve got a fair amount of cash to throw at it so get yourself down to the dealers and demo away until your ears bleed is the best advice I can give.

Ps, I know of one very knowledgeable and wise member of this forum who owns PCM’s speakers so I’m guessing they’re pretty good, but then speaker-taste is very subjective, so like I said get some demo’s booked up.

Happy shopping! ;)


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Thanks Dazzor

I have listened to the PMC GB1i's but not the FB1i's. I was impressed with the GB1i's but I wondered whether there is a big improvement when moving up to the FB1i's - which I am hoping someone on here will be able to answer.

It has taken me over a year to get this far. Last year I listened to an Arcam350 and liked it - infact I would have bought it had it had HD audio capabilities - so I am hoping the Arcam600 will be a step up from that.

Making the right decision is scary - but I feel excited because I feel the setup for me is within that list.



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No worries. I did think you'd done your homework from the short list you produced. And, yeah, it is scary making any sort of decision.

I was looking about year ago too, not seriously but I did like the AVR350, Arcam are the biz for music lovers but your post suggests you won't be listening to that much music? Perhaps you should consider the Onk 906 and a separate amp for music? You can get the Onky for about £8/900 now. Or how about the Audiolab 8000X7 and 8000AP combo for LESS money than the AVR600..

I'll leave you in the capable hands of much more knowledgeable members than I and hopefully someone will be able to comment on the GB1i's, they are about £750 more I believe so you'd hope they were a step up.

Good luck with your quest.:thumbsup:
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I think the Arcam and PMC combo, as most will tell you, is very good. I'm using an Arcam AVR350 with TB2+'s in stereo, waiting for my FB1+'s to arrive. I had the same setup around 6 months ago and it was very good with music and movies hence opting for the same setup again. :thumbsup:

The AVR600 and the PMC 'i' series can only be better so I'm sure you won't be disappointed. :D

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