Major problem using VCD's on Toshiba SD220E



Hi All,
I am new to this forum so hello everyone.

I own 3 DVD's at home and also possess a Pro-logic Home Cinema System that sits in the main living area.

As a present for Christmas I bought the new Toshiba SD220E DVD unit expecting it to work perfectly with all of my DVD's and VCD's.

So far I have found this unit to be first class in every aspect appart from the fact that I cannot get my VCD's to play.
The VCD's are both home made and Comercially purchased and work on all of my other units.

Does anyone know if this unit is fussy when it comes to using certain types of media?

What does everyone here use to create and Burn their CD's. I use FLYVCD for the CVD creation and Easy CD Creator 5 to burn the CD's on to a Philips CD writer on my PC.

The commercial VCD's I own range from LUZ ( a Spanish artist) to Warriors of the Web etc ( an educational VCD).

Any advice that you can give would be most useful. I puchased the Multi regional DVD from Amazon and it displays an error message when trying to play VCD's.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.




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Possibly the media mate.

My mates 220E from richer sounds, plays everything he has thrown at it (datasafe premium disks)

Also, try disks that have been burnt with a different program, though i find it strange the bought VCD's don't work either


I bought a couple of VCDs from a PC fair almost a year ago now

They wouldn't play on my old Sony DVD, later I got a 210 Multiregion which works fine.

The quality of them was crap mind you and I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole personally

If your 220 is relatively I would return it and buy a multiregion version from the web, try for a price comparison


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Ive got a 520, and that plays VCD's ok. Have you read the manual. It says ''DVD-R discs of DVD video format. CD-R/CD-RW discs of CD-DA format. Some of these discs MAY be incompatable.''

Also you cannot play DVD-RAM discs.

Hope this helps.:)

Jason S

There was a firmware issue with the 220's that affected VCD playback. This was pretty low key as the biggest bug was its problems with The Matrix DVD.

you should be able to get it upgraded to 1.4 or 1.5 by toshiba just by phoning them and asking nicely (mention the Matrix as they know all about it, mention VCD's and they may not know as much)

To check your firmware

switch on with no disc in

press zoom, 6 , 0 , 6 , zoom

It should appear on the screen.

If you've 1.4 or higher then it's probably one of the issues mentioned previously, or something a little more serious and unlikely to be the firmware.

I've a 220E, and it plays VCD and SVCD's fine. Although I only have the ones I've burned myself using Nero 5.5.10 and all sorts of cheap unbranded media.

My firmware is 1.5


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My Tosh 220 with ROM ver 1.5 plays everything I've thrown at it using lots of different media types and makes. It even plays some really bad disc that my PC's CDRW and DVD-R drives can't manage. I use either Nero or NTI for VCD's and Vob for DVD-R's but some of the VCD's I've got are from computer fairs so the program used are unknown and these still play fine although the quality leaves a lot to be desired if you know what I mean. It also plays the commercial VCD's I have without problems. Every now and then I get lip-sync problems with SVCD but thats about, no other problems whatsoever.

Either your player has an old ROM like Jason suggested or its faulty.


First of all a big thank you to everyone who replied so quickly.

Is there any way that I can check if the VCD facility is switched on. I know that in some DVD's this facility can be switched on in the hidden menu section.

If I cannot get it resolved I may have to return it to Amazon for a new one. Has anyone else purchased a DVD from Amazon? Did they have any problems?

The version I purchased was chipped in order to make it multi regional. I wonder if in the process of doing this upgrade that they may have switched something off by accident or damaged the box in some way.

My firmware version is 1.5.

Does anyone have an email address that I can use to contact Toshiba technical support in the UK. The US site where very unhelpful and only pointed me to the UK site.

Thanks once again for getting back to me.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon.




Similar problem SD220E plays DVD and SVCD no problem (apart from lip synch in SVCD, but thats easy to overcome)

When I play VCD they will play for maybe 10 mins or so ok, then start with major frame rate loss (juddering) Same VCD play ok on a different player and my computer.


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Hi Hartside 2 can you tell me how to cure the lipsynch problem on vcd/svcd on the Tosh 220e a cure would be much appreciated


Very easy - with the movie playing, just press the "angle" button and when the on-screen display comes up, switch the sound to the second setting and back to the first, again using the angle button. Leave the osd to disappear and this should solve the problem


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I puchased the Multi regional DVD from Amazon and it displays an error message when trying to play VCD's.
Gary - just a point to note if you do contact Toshiba to have your firmware updated. I could be wrong but I'm sure people on these boards have found when they've returned multi-region players to Toshiba they have come back fixed but no longer multi-region. I don't know if this just one or two cases or whether it is standard policy. Something to check before you send it to them anyway (if you need to send it to them).

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