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Question Major dilemma - which reciever and which auto eq


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Hi guys

Within the next year Im gonna buy a new reciever og pre amp.

I now own a marantz av 7702mkii and a marantz mm8807 amplifier and a Nad m25 amplifier. Speakers are mksound s150mkii. 2 mksound x10 subs.

That all ok, but now with the new audessey app with better control i want to try something else than the old audessey xt32 that I have now.

Im in doubt whether to buy marantz again as I have read that the audessey app isnt that great. Should I instead look towards Yamaha or Anthem?
I want an autosetup as good as possible without me doing all to much.

I dont want a harsh sound but a more warm, crisp sound. I want to come close to the sound in a real cinema as possible.

What do you say guys? New anthem, Yamaha og the new marantz av7704 when it arrives in october?


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I would say either a Arcam or Anthem as these have the better eq systems. Yamaha has improved it system, but it's not in the same league.

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