Majestic DVX170 SD & Philips PET721D - can anyone help me with the hacks?


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Hi everybody, my name's Paolo and i've just joined this forum, i hope i'll have a good time here.

I really need some help with region hacks. Now i've got two PORTABLE dvd players, the Majestic DVX170 SD and the Philips PET721D.
I wanted to make them region free, so I could enjoy the tons of region 1 dvds i have, and i looked them up on the internet.
They both come with a "but": while the Majestic one is already supposed to be region free (in fact, it does play some of the region 1 dvds, but not all of them, which clearly shows it's still locked), the Philips one *might* have a hack that (allegedly) applies to most of the PET series - though said hack requires a remote control, which did not exist for my player (didn't come with the player, doesn't exist, don't even bother with universal remote controls, they're a no go!).

i'm really losing hope here, but it's driving me nuts because these two portable players do have the equiment to play ANY dvd - they've just been blocked.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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