Maintenance of turntable tone-arm


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I've got an old Dunlop Systemdek with (I think) a Rega arm - it's S shaped with a detachable head. The problem is that the the support (that allows the arm to drop when you lower the lever) is very slow to drop. Does anyone know how to put this right - I imagine it needs oiling or something.


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Are you referring to the Tonearm Lift?

They are suppose to be slow to keep the needle from crashing down on the record.

So, how slow is slow?

These devices are usually damped with a non-lubricating silicone gel or 'grease'. The viscosity of the gel cause the tonearm to fall slowly. However, if the gel is dried out, the mechanism can be come very stiff.

I'm told there are places that sell this turntable Damping gel, but I don't specifically know of any.



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The problem is that the arm comes down so slowly that it skips tracks. Maybe it needs the gel renewing.


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If it is skipping tracks, it suggests to me that the support for the arm isn't fully retracting and the arm may be still in contact with the support. Without a record on, after the support has dropped fully, see if manual pressure will cause it to lower further. If so, try manually raising and lowering a number of times with manual pressure. It may just have become a bit stiff and sticky.

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