Maintaining widescreen?


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I have a canon MV901 which records in widescreen :D

The thing is I can capture the tape, edit on WMM and then save to HDD all in widescreen.

Playing back the image in Windows Media shows a WS image.

However, when I then transcode the file using avi-dvd the iso files end up 4.3!

Is there any other software that I can use to transcode the files to iso that will keep the WS or is there something that I am doing wrong?

I would use another editing suite but my laptop only has 256ram so the options are limited to WMM

Any help much apreciated.


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Why not use WinAVI to convert to DVD files? There is an option to tick in there for aspect ratios : either automatic, or force 4:3 or force 16:9...


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I don't know "avi-dvd", but any decent editing package should be able to retain the correct aspect ratio.

I use Sony Vegas; you could look at that (or the more affordable Vegas Movie Studio versions). System requirements are only:

Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP Home, or XP Professional
800 MHz processor
200 MB hard-disk space for program installation
256 MB RAM


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I've just downloaded the trial of Sony Vegas and it does maintain the aspect ratio :)

The programe takes a bit of getting used to though and I havent quite worked it out. For example how to split the tape into different sections and also how to use the audio filter.

Are there any good tutorials out here?



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There are books and training DVDs you can buy... there isn't much I know of in terms of free online tutorials.
One good reference are these newsletters, the "beginners corner" sections could help
As well as the official Vegas forums

to split the tape into different sections
There is a scene selection option on capture. You can further split clips at any point on the timeline by entering "s" for "split".

how to use the audio filter.
Right click on the audio track and choose "Apply non-real time event FX" - there you will have a choice of many audio filters.


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Thanks for the tips!

I've just managed to work SV out and produced a very clever by my standards DVD.

I will definately be buying a copy of this :smashin:

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