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I already have two fully loaded 6 gang surge protected extension leads (standard B&Q jobs) connected to my double wall socket for my AV gear.

However a recent reckless splurge on the credit card has resulted in a need for at least 3 more sockets.

So I'm thinking why not get a mains purifying one as I have to upgrade anyway e.g. Soundfantastic. These come in 4, 6 or 8 socket flavours. So before deciding which one (or two) to get I need to know which of my devices will benefit.

Do these things REALLY improve video quality as well as audio?
If so, taking Sky+ as an example, I have 6 powered components involved just on the video side:-

Sky+ box
Quinttro scart switching box
iScan video processor
RGB2YUV signal converter
Aspect Ratio Controller

Would ALL these components need to be connected to a mains purifier extension i.e. if one (or more) of them was connected to a B&Q one would this cancel the benefit of the others being mains conditioned?

As is probably obvious I know nothing about mains.

Any advice appreciated,


Nic Rhodes

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These devices will only improve things if you have a problem in the first place


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No problems. Great picture and sound.

I just thought these mains purifiers had the same affect as upgrading a connection type e.g. S > RGB, RGB > component, component > DVI.

i.e. you didn't have a problem before but saw a nice difference in quality after.

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