Mains Halogens - Ebay buyers and Dimmers Beware!


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I recently had to have my lighting scene controller repaired by Futronix, who advised me that not all GU10 halogen bulbs are the same and when they blow, they regularly kill all types of dimmers, including expensive scene controllers!

They listed four manufacturers who as members of LIF, include optional fuses inside the bulbs.

I had bought no-name ones off ebay, not knowing some are better than others.

I found
Argos do a three-pack of Philips GU10 50W's for £5 and noticed
B&Q sell GE bulbs if I recall were in 50W, 35W and 20W brightness options, so the recommended ones are not hard to find once we know.

I also tried some of the new dimmable white LED GU10's, which dimmed but wouldn't go right off using my Futronix P100 controller, so they went back.



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The problem with dimmable LED's is they are so bloody efficient!

The way electronic dimmers work is by chopping some of the AC wave (power) straight to the Neutral, thus reducing the power to the light.

To turn off, they chop so much of the waveform to Neutral that a traditional light will not light.

However LEDs can work of such low power that they will still light on the small amount of power leaking through.

We had it on an exhibition stand once, where the pulsed when off!


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Perhaps the load of having two or three in-place would have helped, but I wasn't sure of Focus would take one opened back, let alone three, at £9 a bulb.

The thing I liked was the long lifetime, as much as the efficiency.


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