mains extension cable any recommendations for £30ish


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after purchasing a Denon 2307 and 1930 plus kef 2005.2 i now find 4 sockets are no longer useful. I need to purchase a new extension lead.

I've found a belkin in argos>FC$Brands=Belkin.Belkin.htm

or APC at audio visual online

I don't want to break the bank so £30 is about the limit.#

Anyone got or could recommend something?

Appologies if this is in the wrong place

I have searched the froum but can't find anything obvious

Thanks in advance


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I don't see anything wrong with the 2 you have suggested and could only recommend something more expensive, so if that is you're max budget then go for it :thumbsup:


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thanks for that. I think they are much of a muchness but better than nowt!

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