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Mains Cable for projector

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by windfall, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. windfall

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    Oct 19, 2003
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    LFC Kop End
    Hi Chaps

    Couple of questions for you if you wouldn't mind having a think!

    1. I have a hardwired mains cable coming out of the ceiling for my PJ. As the house was being built I got the electrician to sort out a load of cables and he put the mains cable for the panasonic to an isolation switch but the end of the mains cable is the panasonic connector (3 round holes).
    So as I cant change the cable I think there are two options for me.

    1. is to chop the end of the cable off and try to fit a normal kettle connector. Can this actually be done? Most plug mains cables seem to be sealed.
    2. Is there a converter for this type of plug to convert it to a kettle type connector?

    2. Also a few years ago a frind had a problem with a Sony PJ. Sony blamed him for not using the original mains cable that came with the PJ. Is this a falicy?

    The problem is that when I get a new PJ I will have the problem of wrong power connector and am wondering what I can do to sort it out.

    As this cable is going to drive a fairly expensive device I do not want to find that it goes tits up on me and then Sony give me grief as experienced by a friend of mine.


  2. AMc

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    Nov 20, 2000
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    Near Norwich
    1 - You can buy rewireable full size 'kettle lead' connections (IEC320 I think) - try www.cpc.co.uk
    You would chop the plug off your existing lead and fit what you need to the bare ends (with the power off obviously).
    I doubt that the plug is a panasonic special, more likely a small 3 cloverleaf style round pin plug like you find on laptops these days.
    Between 2 pin figure 8, mini 3 pin and full size kettle you have all the likely connection types. I couldn't find rewireable small 3 cloverleaf style but CPC do them to bare wire - so you could put a connection box between your exiting wiring and a new lead if you needed to do that.
    2 - As long as the wiring is rated for the current (Amps) your PJ draws then they'll never know. If the wiring you have for the panasonic was fitted by an electrician I doubt it would be too low for another domestic projector. The only possible damage would be if the cable wasn't able to cope with the current in that case it would melt.

    Of course if you're not confident about this I would recommend getting an electrician in as your PJ, house and life are worth more than the 1/2 hour you should get charged to supply and fit the right plug!

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