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I have a main Virgin Router with wireless enabled and 2 Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC-LR units (one upstairs and one in the loft), the Virgin router operates on a different SSID to the 2 Unifi units -
I sometimes find that when I'm upstairs my phone still stays connected to the Virgin Wifi, albeit with a weak signal strength, and I have to turn the wifi off and on again on my phone to get it to connect to one of the Unifi units.

Should I be setting the Unifi units to have the same SSID and password as the main Virgin router, would that help devices seamlessly switch to whichever is the best Wifi signal?



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If you have sufficient coverage from the two Ubiquiti APs then I'd turn the Virgin wifi off. Sometimes less is more when it comes to wifi.

The intelligence for wifi is mostly in the client, not the AP, and sometimes a client hang on to one AP for grim death even though the signal is really weak yet another stronger signal is available. That's just down to the wifi drivers on the device.


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I highly recommend turning off the WiFi and rely on UniFi AP’s. The virgin router cannot integrate with the hand off features the UniFi employs hence the experience of devices holding on to the downstairs AP regardless of how poor the reception is.


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Thanks guys, perhaps as a catch all I should consider turning the Virgin Wifi off and perhaps getting another Unifi AP for downstairs too...


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Wi-Fi clients will never roam between dissimilar SSID's until they completely loose connection. They regard different SSID's as being "different" networks and thus won't roam between them (by design.) You either have to flip them yourself or wait to completely loose connection at which point the client "starts over" as if you'd just turned it on. That may need you to get a very long way away.

To stand any chance of clients roaming between AP's automatically the SSID's (and passphrases) need to be the same. Even then, as discussed by others, many clients hang on to a working connection even if there are better alternatives available (we call it the "sticky client" problem.) It's "Big Wi-Fi Myth Number 2" that clients are always "hunting for the best signal" - they do not and some need it to get pretty bad before they consider roaming.
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