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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by ColdKilla, Sep 19, 2007.

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    All my cabling etc comes into one room with an Onkyo 905 Amp with both HDMi outputs being used (one to TV one to PJ) I am looking at the component / audio baluns to distribute Sky from this location around the house - this will all be done using coax and a booster however I want a better picture on a couple of the HD ready TVs.

    I was planning on using the madnat baluns taking the component out of either sky or the amp in the main room and then running the info over cat5 cabling to the kitchen to get HD quality pictures in that location. However I also want HD quality picture in the bedroom - is this possible and if so how?

    Should I split the component out of the skyHD box then run two cat5 cables one to each location or can i run the cat 5 cable to a small hub then have 2 x cat5's running off to each location ..

    Or is there another cheaper better solution to get the HD quality to two additional locations. The other telly's in the house I am not bothered about.

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