Main differences between Pinnacle Studio 9 and UVS7


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Feb 14, 2003
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What are the main differences between Pinnacle Studio 9 and Ulead Video Studio 7 ?
I've downloaded the UVS7 trial, and I'm already convinced and impressed. It does the job for me, so I've ordered the full version (£39 - BARGAIN)
(Bye bye Windows Movie Maker 2 :mad: - never, never, never again!)
What you really need is someone who has tried both and can give an objective report. I have used UVS7 for some time and am very happy with it, People I communicate with who use Pinnacle Studio 9 say it's more upmarket and more proffessional - it's certainly more expensive.

Best I can offer you is to have a look at these two sites where you can read all about Pinnacle Studio 9

I understand you can order a CD on the Pinnacle website with a demonstration on it, ("Trial Software" on right of screen) - but I believe you will be happy with UVS7 and if you can't do something post your problem here and if I can't help you maybe somebody who has Pinnacle (MarkE19 ??) will be able to tell you whether studio 9 can do it
I'm sure that Ulead will fullfill my needs, when it comes to video editing.
Besides, I'm only a beginner.
somebody who has Pinnacle (MarkE19 ??) will be able to tell you whether studio 9 can do it
Sorry, I'm just a poor lowley Premiere 6 user :devil:

Forgot to say........

the latest copy of Computer Video mag arrived through my letterbox today and it has a review of Studio 9 in it. Not had a chance to read it yet and forgot to bring it with me to work tonight :rolleyes: . Oh well I'll just have to stay on the forum all night to keep me awake :D .

:nono: shame on you Beejaycee. Are you trying to get rid of me or something :rolleyes: sending me off to other sites :D

No - theres plenty of room for the two of us on here and there's no forums over there, just thought you'd like some reading through the night.

Actually dockerslund you might like to read it as well says quite a bit about Pinnacle Studio 9.
It does make interesting reading. Mike Shaw does seem to like it, but the reviewer in Computer Video did not like the new front end of Studio 9! I've not read the full mag review yet, but will as soon as I get a spare hour or so (it's a long review across about 5 pages!).


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