MAGNUM IA170 Special Edition - Repair or replace?

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Has anyone had any separates repaired, in particular amplifiers?

I have a MAGNUM IA170 Special Edition - a high power amplifier which is very responsive at low listening levels and a smooth 'warm' sound for modern circuitry (though might be described as valve like) which is very good with thin open music where the vocals are very much the main instrument, as well as being very happy to punch out heavier rhythm driven 'rock' music.

However, this unit cost £400 in 2002 and I have spent half that once already having it repaired past its warranty (and after Magnum stopped trading) and it has become unreliable again. I love the sound of this amp', it really fits my ears well, and would happily pay similar again IF I was confident in the repairers...

If anyone can recommend a repair service that'd be dandy, or equally advice that I am now throwing good money after bad!

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the transformer coil is rather large in this one (although unusually there are no ventilation holes in the casing). I live and work in Hampton, West London so that puts parts of Surrey within reach as well.

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Thank you for that pointer, yes - that's a reasonable drive to save entrusting to couriers. I see they prefer contact by a form on their website to field phonecalls because they'd just be taking calls all the time with so few repairers around thesedays. I'll see what they have to say...


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Yes. Both they do respond quickly. I enquired about repairs to an old amp I was only thinking of buying and got some very helpful advice.

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