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I have a few devices now that I have to charge, but have different USB end fitting tips. Micro USB and more recently C size.
Has anyone found a reasonable (and available to get in the UK) cable that offers more than 1 tip size?
I have seen many individual cables made by a multitude of suppliers, but not one manufacturer seems to offer the same connection.
I can buy a magnetic cable with C connector head and another with micro, but that gives no advantage as I still have 2 cables, what I am looking for is the same interface.

Example use:

Charge USB phone off cable at work
Charge USB phone off cable at home
Swap work cable from charging phone to charge mouse (micro usb)
Wife use usb cable at home, but has micro usb on phone
Charge work phone on either cable which has micro usb.

So this would allow me to use 2 cables (one at work, one at home), but charge either C or USB from either depending on the magnetic plug thingy in the device.
Does that make sense?

This place seems to have the right idea:
X-Connect: World's 1st Cross-device Magnetic Cable

If 1 manufacturer does not offer the solution, has anyone found 2 different cables which have the same interface so could be switched over.

I also figured that this could be extended to my PS4 controllers and save on wear and tear of the connector and also make the controllers more kid friendly as they can be a little heavy handed trying to plug them in.

I should add that ideally i'd like the cables to carry data and able to charge to 2.1A as i've noticed alot of the cables don't do that.


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ebay does them - I've had a couple of good ones as long as you go for a reliable manufacturer and not the cheapest, though TBH cables aren't much expensive in the first place but I do like ones from UGreen which have been excellent quality with thick cables and sturdy sockets.

The alternative is to get a cable that has an adaptor 'cap' on the end, that way you won't lose the magnetic adaptor. There are one that have a flip-cap design which is aesthetically more pleasing.

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