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As part of an ongoing quest for a new pair of speakers I've looked at a fair few speaker brands now.
My perfect speaker, apart from sounding great has to be visually attractive (for a speaker) in order to please the other half.
She likes the designs that have full veneers/vinyl on the front face and magnetic grills such that the look isn't spoilt by the bung holes when the grills are off. She hates the grills, hence they need to be off, which suits me fine.
Now I think she has a point. There's some pretty nice looking/sounding speakers out there, but not many manufacturers use magnetic grills.
I wonder why? They do look much better without the bung holes. Do the magnets affect the sound or force the designer into using additional shielding which affects the sound? Surely not?
So far I've found the following manufacturers using magnetic grills. B&W, Monotor Audio, Tannoy. Can anyone add to the list so that I can investigate further? Thanks.


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I'd imagine magnetic grills over holes and bungs are quite expensive to produce in a competative speaker market.

I do like the use of magnets in the CM range from B&W which look very neat but have heard a few complaints about them dropping off, but I suspect that's when they've been attached poorly and had loud music playing.


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Acoustic Energy.

I think that the Aegis Neo 3 v2 is a particularly handsome speaker even if it is a vinyl wrap.



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Kef XQ series have magnetic grills but do not have veneers on the front, the veneers on the side are fantasic though ;)

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