Magnet round S-video camcorder cable


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Can I use a normal S-video cable on my camcorder, or do I need to use the supplied one. It has a shielding magnet round near the end that connects to the TV.

What are these magnets on cables for? I have noticed the cables on my x-box also have this magnet, as well as laptops.


You can use any cable that will fit into the camcorder sockets.
The 'magnet' around the ends of cables is actually a 'ferite ring' and is used to remove interferance picked up by the cable.



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The S-video socket on my MV200 has gone. So I am having it repaired for £160. Canon quoted £180, no matter what the fault.

But I just took it to the place with the biggest ad in the Yellow pages, rather than post it. Silly, the money should have gone towards a new one.:rolleyes:

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