MagicStick (Cherry Trail z8700, Dual Boot, 8GB Ram, 64Gb MMC, h/w HEVC, HDMI 2)


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I have a Tronsmart Ara X5, its a good box for plain streaming and does Kodi/MPC-HC and Plex satisfactorily, the Gen8 GPU on the Intel Cherry Trail z8300 manages HEVC 8bit in HW, 10bit is done in S/W but could be hybrid I don't know.

I was interested in removing cable and hiding the whole thing behind a tv and that when I came across the Magic Stick on Indiegogo, link at bottom if interested, which is based on the Cherry Trail x7 Z8700 (16 EUs vs 12 EUs and bump in clock).

It's nearing the end of the fundraising period and has working prototypes so a bit less risk. Videos aren't great but show it working... I'd rather they spent money making it better anyway.

There's two versions the One and Wave.

They're both a stick form factor and can be powered over USB meaning no brick, dual boot (W10/Android), HDMI 2, IOT Remote, MicroSD, decent WIFI and a few USB 2/3 sockets. Both claim 4K playback (of HW accelerated codecs presumably)...

I don't know if the z8700 handles 10bit HEVC in H/W or hybrid mode (does anyone here know?)

One (a bit like the Tronsmart)
Capable of 4k @ 30fps
802.11 a/b/g/n to up 300mbps
1 x USB3
2x USB 2

Capable of 4k @ 60FPS
8gb Ram
802.11 ac/n up to 1gbps
USB 3.1 Type C
2x USB 3

All Backers Also Receive The Follow Stretch Goals
  • HDMI Extension Cable
  • USB Type C Charger
  • Back Up Battery built in in order to hibernate the system during a power outage

There's only one left to get and it's a mystery. I reckon it's choice of color but many hope for some sort of carrying case.

They're setup to dual boot (unlike the Ara) but have Windows 10 Home Trial on it...a genuine key will cost you $20 from eBay probably so if you keep W10 you'll have to factor that in. The stretch goals are interesting namely battery back up so you can pull the stick out and the thing suspends/hibernates so shut down needed.

More info on the Magic Stick project here

There's also another called Computer Stick very similar cost but you get less HW on all variants and there's an external antenna... if you're interested
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I ended up going for the Wave model... I heard on the grapevine they'll be receiving the new stepping on the CT processors that fixes a h/w cpu bug and is a tiny bit faster.

56 Hours left...[ Edit it got extended by another 20 days ]

2 stretch goals hit so that's a short hdmi extender and usb charger thrown in...

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