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Magic Eyes & Freeview


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Hi All,

hope someone can help, i have a three story house, 1 aeriel on the roof, 5 tv's sky HD, Multiroom Sky +, two magic eyes and TV's with freeview issues.

It is my understanding that the cable connected to the RF-2 output can utilise the Aeriel signal therfore allowing for tuning of freeview channels to the TV's with Freeview built in, however i don't seem to be able to get it to work.

The Sky + box is located in the loft bedroom, is connected to the aeriel and then has a cable from the RF-2 outlet going to a TVLink 2 channel splitter. The splitter then goes to two TV's with magic eyes. I have the box set for channel 68 and about 8.72v coming out of the RF2 outlet. One of the TV's with the magic eyes has freeview and one does not. The third TV has Freeview but no magic eye.

On the 2 TV's with Freeview i am unable to tune any TV channels, so question is what am i doing wrong or is some of the kit duff.

The cable from the RF2 outlet is split after the splitter to feed the one TV with magic eye and the one without, i have used an ordinary Y splitter, and even tried bypassing this but still to no avail.

The other TV is located downstairs, is connected directly to the aerial, has sky HD and the freeview works.

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You need to work out whether RF2 on your Sky box works or not. Easiest way is to swap the two RF outs - so RF2 goes to your local TV, and RF1 goes to the splitter. If you still get a good terrestrial signal on your local TV, you know that there is nothing wrong with your Sky box.

Next isolate the TV Link splitter (which is probably the problem). Try one or other of the remote TVs connected directly to RF2 using a single RF cable. If they work - you know there is nothing wrong with the analogue or digital tuners on the television sets. That leaves either the cabling from RF2 on the Sky box to the splitter, the cabling from the splitter to the remote TV sets, or the splitter itself. My money is on the splitter. You can prove this by connecting the cable running from Sky box to splitter directly to one of the cables running to either of the remote TVs. If the remote TV still picks up a good signal, you know that the cabling is fine - and then you can look at replacing your splitter.


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Thanks for that will give it a go

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