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I want to run a magic eye to my bedroom tv, the Sky+ box does not have an aerial connected to it just the connection from the dish and a HDMI to my TV, so if I connect a lead from the RF2 to my bedroom tv will it work with the magic eye or will I have to plug a lead to thr RF in socket to make it work?


"Magic eyes" are for controlling a Sky machine from a distant location when it's connected by a co-ax cable to the TV at that location.
They don't run anywhere, it's the cable, the "lead from the RF2" that does the running.:)
If you did have a connection to the Sky machine from a terrestrial aerial then that cable would carry the Freeview signal as well as the currently selected Sky channel as analogue.
As you don't have the aerial the cable will carry simply the Sky channel, which the "magic eye" will change.

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