Magic eye won't fit between wall and back of tv

Daniel Green

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Hi... first post so please ignore any etiquette failures!

I have just bought and installed two tv's onto slim line wall brackets. I have ariels going from my sky box upstairs to the loft where there is a distibution box sending the signal to the two tv's downstairs. I have ariels going into the two tvs and the signal is being sent fine (although not perfect quality... any suggestions on that would be a bonus).

The problem I have is that the gap between the TV and the wall is so small that I can't fit the remote eye. In these tv's and unlike my previous ones the coax connection is at the back and horizontal, that means the plastic box on the remote eye will also be horizontal... previous tv's I have had were all vertical conections so only needed minimal space.

I want to know if anyone has a suggestion for either a very small remote eye which will fit horizontally or alternatively can I take apart the eye and loose the plastic casing so that it will fit?


Stevenage Neil

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Connect the eye to the TV via a short length of co-ax and put the eye wherever you want.


Welcome to the forum though your two threads don't seem to fit the same scenario.
You don't have "ariels" - they're presumably co-ax cables, the type that's often used for connecting a TV to a terrestrial aerial.

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