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I am trying to understand the best way to do and am abit confused.

I will be getting SKY HD later and wanted to buy a distribution box to install in the loft to distribute it the signal. I am looking to have a magic in each room with the TV's.

Firstly, can anyone recommend the correct distribution box as I have read many box(s) and am getting confused which ones to buy.

Secondly, I understand that the HD cannot be carried along the Coax cable and therefore will only be wanted to watch the HD in the lounge and I assume will only get SD on the other rooms. Question is, Do I need to get my Sky HD feed into my lounge TV then distributed upto the loft to go into the distribution round the house? Or will it go into the loft?

Thanks in advance for the newbie question. Any help appreciated!

Stevenage Neil

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The HD box needs to be located where you wish to view HD, ie the lounge.
Take the RF2 output from the HD box, via co-ax, into the loft and distribute via an amplifer/splitter to the other rooms.
Do you really want all rooms to be able to control the Sky box?? (At the same time)


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Either way, the Global T140 amplified splitter is the one you want - or the F140 if you prefer not to solder plugs. You can use it with or without tvLINK magic eyes and it's powered by the Digibox.


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Well, you can ignore my recommendation and buy SLx eye candy instead if you like. You didn't mention you wanted a radio aerial input as well. You'll need diplex decombiner wall plates to separate the signals in each room.
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Hi Sam

Not ignoring your recommendation mate. Not gonna be looking at the thing in the loft everyday so doesn't matter what it looks like. It was rather might get some CCTV later and thought that the SLx might be useful.

Regarding the Global F140, is there a 8 way set? Also do you if it can be used with any magic eye or is it specifuc?


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