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Magic Eye not working - signal booster needed?



Hi all,
I have Sky + Multiroom installed in my home and i recently ran a coax cable from the RF out of the Sky + box up to my bedroom in order to operate the magic eye etc...

The magic eye worked fine at first but after a week it stopped functioning. I brought it back and was given a replacement. The one i brought back worked perfecly in the TV store though.

Do i need to boost the RF out signal. I receive perfect pictures regardless of the magic eye so the signal and wiring are perfect but i just can't change the channels.

Any ideas?




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Hi Walt
I cant guarantee that this will help but check the coax and make sure that all the plugs/connections are OK. I have had similar problems here with the connection downstairs to my computer room. I can get always get a tv signal but unless the connectors are done correctly I cant always get the eye to power up.

Regards MD


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Boosting the RF out signal won't help at all. It has nothing to do with the (much lower frequency) return signal from the "magic eye".

If it was working previously and isn't working now, something must have changed. Make sure all your plugs are still soldered to the cable ends (no bad joints).


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I had this problem a couple of days ago. The Magic eye needs a soild 9v power supply from the output on your Sky box. I bought all metal connectors from Craplins (~£1.09 ea) and soldered the outer braid to the ground. The centre core had a screw for the pin. Rock solid connection :beer: :thumbsup:


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Any joins in the cable can cause problems, this includes face plates. The TV link must be the first thing on the end of the cable so check this if you have a video at the second tv. Boosters are only needed with very long cable runs or runs with loads of bends in them. Obviously check that the light is on on the magic eye. If it is not and the connections are solid then make sure the voltage is still switched on in the STB's menu and the cable is plugged into RF2. If in doubt run another cable as a test.
Cheers, Franc

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