Question Magenta Tint and dead pixel on my new GX


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My new 65GX has a pronounced magenta tint and also a single dead pixel (which is well away front the screen centre so I could probably live with it if everything else was ok).
But....I imagine that this means I should get an exchange since I’ve not had it for 30 days yet and otherwise I’m going to keep seeing it. Before I do this I just wanted to get some idea of whether some sort of tint is considered ‘normal’ for these screens - perhaps they’re all like this?

Here’s what mine looks like. It’s not noticeable a lot of the time, but clearly visible anytime there’s white on either edge of the screen. I noticed it under normal viewing for the first time which is what made me do a white screen test. I did have some tint on my previous OLED (a 930V) but this is definitely more obvious.

So I’m planning to do an exchange, but since it‘s a big hassle because it’s already wall mounted, I was hoping someone could reassure me that I have a reasonable chance of a better panel :)

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Good news - I exchanged my TV and I’m much happier with the replacement. No dead pixels this time, and even though there is still some tint on a white screen, it’s nothing like as bad as the first one, and I can’t see it at all during content.

Looks like there was definitely an issue with my first panel because now I have no complaints. :)

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Hello !
I live in France.
My new 65GX has excactly the same pb !
I have the impression of seeing my own TV.
I’m planning to do an exchange too.

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