Mafia: Definitive Edition Review and Comments

Tom Davies

Editorial Contributor
I do like a game on rails every now and then.
I have vaguely fond memories of Mafia and I'd not want them to turn it into another sprawling open world of organised crime full of fetch quests and whathaveyou.
This looks pretty impressive...though those character models look a bit blorg.
That top image especially looks almost last gen. What's going on there?

Also, I only just got the Salieri / Morello rivalry. That's cute.


Standard Member
Might have to add this to the 'Christmas' list. I have no memories of the first one back in 2002. The visuals of the city look impressive and who doesn't like a bit of virtual gangster rivalry? Loving the look of the cars too.


Distinguished Member
Got this on release, and I must admit I wish I had just waited for a price drop, having played it originally I remember it being great with a fantastic story.
Sadly I didn't get that same enjoyment from this remake, lots of factors such as how games and open worlds have progressed.
Even if I had never played it before I think I would have felt a little disappointed, for sure its worth playing but I would highly recommend waiting for it to hit bargain bin.

Original play through 9/10

Definitive edition 6/10

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