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john R1

Anybody know where i can get some decent 5 mt long made up aerial leads with moulded plugs already fitted, am looking for something a bit better than the 50p a mt ones

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The replied to this thread all involved people from commercial organisations trying to sell this guy a cable. Frankly I'm astonished that this would happen in such a blatant way and if people asking for advice get pounced on by people trying to sell goods again there will be bans.


I am not from a commercial organisation, I just have some 100 meters or so cable left over from my 250 meter drum. The guy wanted to have a cable and I offered him to make up one. It wasn't me who directed him to a site that a cheap poor quality cable.


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I don't sell cable, I don't work in the industry, all I offer is my opinion, take it or leave it. I don't know Stevey and I wasn't trying to push his cable (I don't even use the same cable, and when I mean use I mean use myself not sell), I was merely saying in my opinion what makes a good aerial cable. I think the QED ones are probably the best already "made up" aerial cables your going to find but personally I would make my own.


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I use van den hul Videolink 75 with Insert Audio F-types for all my RF connections on Sky and my DAB tuner. The cable worked out to be around £12 for a metre and £6.00 for each termination.
The company that I used is called custom cable, very good service and very quick.

Hope that helps, also try doing a search for RF cables on these forums as this subject has been discussed in the past.

Hope that helps.


Who wants to pay £72 for that lead, we have done a deal @ £8 that Is much better quality than that.

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