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Madagascar being shown in digital form in selected UK cinemas

Discussion in 'News' started by John Archer, Jul 28, 2005.

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    John Archer

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    We’ve just learned from Dolby that DreamWorks’ new animated film, Madagascar, is being shown at selected cinemas in the UK using the Dolby Digital Cinema system. Cinema-goers at the Empire, Leicester Square, London and the new Odeon cinema in Bath will be able to enjoy what Dolby describes as ‘the extra vibrant colours, amazing detail and sharpness of the digital images, plus, of course, thrilling digital surround sound.’ So if you fancy keeping the kids happy while also getting an early look at the likely future of cinema, give those venues a go.</P><P>Madagascar is the latest in a stream of films, including Star Wars and Sin City, which have been mastered for digital release by Dolby and released on the Dolby Digital Cinema system.</P><P>Dolby Digital Cinema is a digital cinema solution that provides cinemas with the technology to store and decode digital files and then deliver pristine digital movies to the big screen. Dolby Digital Cinema provides all the elements for digital movie playback and show management: storing, decrypting, decoding, scheduling, and interfacing to existing cinema systems, while delivering the quality, reliability, security, and flexibility necessary for digital cinema. The system has been built to industry standards as specified by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI), a joint venture between the major studios, formed to establish industry specifications for digital cinema solutions.

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